We accept with pleasure all type of contributions:

  • bug reports
  • merge proposals
  • ideas
  • translations

Have a look on the Magento Connector Developer’s Guide which is more complete, most of the information is the same.

The GitHub project is:

Want to start a new connector

If you want to start a new connector based on the framework, a sane approach is to read this documentation, especially Connector Concepts and Boostrapping a connector.

Then, my personal advice is to look at the existing connectors (Odoo Magento Connector, Odoo Prestashop Connector). You will also probably need to dive a bit in the framework’s code.

If the connector belongs to the e-commerce domain, you may want to reuse the pieces of the E-Commerce Connector module.

Naming conventions

The naming conventions for the new projects are the following:

Name of the project if it is in the OCA:

Name of the Odoo module:


Actually, the Magento and Prestashop connectors do not respect this convention for historical reasons (magentoerpconnect, prestashoperpconnect). New projects should ideally respect it.

Creating or maintaining a translation of this doc

  • Install Odoo, its dependencies, sphinx, sphinx_bootstrap_theme and sphinx-intl
  • Add this patch to sphinx-intl (until merged) to support fuzzy translations
  • create an empty database with the connector module installed
  • cd connector/doc
  • rebuild the gettext .pot source catalogs: make gettext
  • update the .po translation files from the latest .pot files (here for language ‘fr’): sphinx-intl update -l fr -p _build/locale
  • create or edit the translation in the .po files: poedit locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/*.po
  • compile the .po files into .mo files: sphinx-intl build
  • build the translated documentation to html: make SPHINXOPTS="-Dlanguage=fr" html

The same using a buildout:

$ mkdir buildout && cd buildout
$ wget -O buildout.cfg
$ wget
$ python
$ bin/buildout
$ createdb connectordb
$ bin/start_odoo -d connectordb --stop-after-init
$ cd connector/connector/doc/
$ ../../../bin/sphinx-build -d connectordb -- -b gettext ./ _build/locale/
$ ../../../bin/sphinx-intl -d connectordb -- update -l fr -p _build/locale/
$ poedit locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/*po
$ ../../../bin/sphinx-intl -d connectordb -- build
$ ../../../bin/sphinx-build -d connectordb -- -D language=fr -b html ./ _build/html/

Then you can see the result in _build/html/ and submit a Pull Request. Repeat the 5 last steps to update the translation if modified upstream.