Use the connector with multiprocessing workers


In a future version, workers will be deprecated in favor of the newer job runner which is more efficient and supports job channels. You should try the job runner first and fall back to using workers in case the runner does not work (sic) for you, in which case we will very much appreciate a github issue describing the problems you encountered.

When Odoo is launched with 1 process, the jobs worker will run threaded in the same process.

When Odoo is launched with multiple processes using the option --workers, the jobs workers are not independant processes, however, you have to launch them separately with the script openerp-connector-worker located in the connector module.

It takes the same arguments and configuration file than the Odoo server.


The Python path must contain the path to the Odoo server when openerp-connector-worker is launched.


$ PYTHONPATH=/path/to/server connector/openerp-connector-worker --config /path/to/configfile \
  --workers=2 --logfile=/path/to/logfile

The ‘Enqueue Jobs’ scheduled action is useless when multiprocessing is used.


The openerp-connector-worker should not be launched alongside Odoo when the latter does not run in multiprocess mode, because the interprocess signaling would not be done.


The Magento Connector’s buildout contains builtin commands to launch the workers: Connector with batteries included (buildout)