Source code for connector.exception

# Copyright 2012-2017 Camptocamp SA
# License LGPL-3.0 or later (

from odoo.addons.queue_job.exception import JobError, RetryableJobError

# Connector related errors

[docs]class ConnectorException(Exception): """ Base Exception for the connectors """
[docs]class NoConnectorUnitError(ConnectorException): """ No ConnectorUnit has been found """
[docs]class InvalidDataError(ConnectorException): """ Data Invalid """
# Job related errors
[docs]class MappingError(ConnectorException): """ An error occurred during a mapping transformation. """
[docs]class NetworkRetryableError(RetryableJobError): """ A network error caused the failure of the job, it can be retried later. """
[docs]class NoExternalId(RetryableJobError): """ No External ID found, it can be retried later. """
[docs]class IDMissingInBackend(JobError): """ The ID does not exist in the backend """
[docs]class ManyIDSInBackend(JobError): """Unique key exists many times in backend"""